Why you need video







Videos let you creatively expand on your brand and products or services.
Videos engage and enhance your proposed experience on your website.
Videos will often grab your prospect’s attention and increases the time spent on your website.
More people prefer to watch a video to get the information they need and enjoy sharing videos online.
Videos work well with most devices including tablets and mobile phones.
Videos will boost traffic and search engine rankings by increasing your SEO, click through and conversion rates.

Types of Videos We Do

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Bottom line… Videos stimulate your potential customers to buy!

1. Meeting – We have a meeting to get to know about your business, marketing/branding objectives and how you would like to use your videos.

2. Script – We have you a fill out questionnaire about the main information we need about your business so our script writers can create you a great script.

3. Voice Over – If you require voice over, we then record the audio with a talented professional voice that you like, which will express who you are as a company and brand.

4. Graphics – The remaining graphics and copy is produced for your explainer video by our team of talented illustrators.

5. Animation – Any needed animation is wonderfully created by talented animators which engages the attention of your prospective client.

6. Sound Effects – With the sound effects and music now added, your final video has the zing to deliver you your desired results [more sales!].


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