Social media marketing is becoming one of the fastest ways to grow an online presence but it can become a never-ending, time-consuming activity. Finding the time to channel and strategize your marketing efforts is your biggest challenge so we’re here to help you establish a complete social media presence.

We’ll help launch your Big 5 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest). The list doesn’t end there; we can also start you up with an Instagram or YouTube account if these networks specifically relate to your industry.

Our accounts include the initial set up of your company pages, logo placement, cover photos and management of your social media profiles. The creation of social media profiles is absolutely essential; it’s a window into your personality, your job, your interests and says a lot about your online reputation. If done correctly, it can be so much more! It connects you with your fans or customers, promotes some of your best content and, most importantly, it can lead to new clients and sales. What do new contacts or prospects do? They look you up online to learn more about you and your products or services. Your social media profile needs to be both impressive and discoverable since it has so much potential value.

Whatever your goals may be, we can assist you with integrating, maintaining and supporting your social media accounts.


Website Integration – We will integrate your website with the most valuable social media networks that will bring you the most return.

Maintenance – We’ll regularly maintain your accounts once they are established. This includes new custom blog posts and relevant updates.

Support – We’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social Web and how to successfully drive visitors to your site. We’re here for all your needs.

• Full-Service Social Media Management• Increased Traffic Through Social Media
• Social Media Audit• Brand Awareness
• Social Profile Creation• Audience Engagement
• Competitive Analysis• Social Media Distribution
• Social Media Marketing Strategy• Performance Tracking
• Social Content That Matches Your Branding• Custom Blog Posts
• Promotional Campaigns• Ongoing Customer Support





5 Dedicated Hours12 Dedicated Hours24 Dedicated HoursHours Based on Need
Complete AnalysisComplete AnalysisComplete AnalysisComplete Analysis
Onsite/Offsite OptimizationOnsite/Offsite OptimizationOnsite/Offsite OptimizationOnsite/Offsite Optimization
Monthly ReportingMonthly ReportingMonthly ReportingMonthly Reporting
High Performance HostingHigh Performance HostingHigh Performance HostingHigh Performance Hosting
Ongoing Website SupportOngoing Website SupportOngoing Website SupportOngoing Website Support

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