If you are in business, the chances are that you can write. So why should you pay a copywriter to produce your marketing copy? The answer is simple – copywriters are trained to write words that sell. When you enroll a copywriter, the benefits are numerous:

A good copywriter will provide unique, carefully crafted words that address your customers. Targeting the audience in writing is an overlooked skill, and one that often fails in the products of amateur writers. The purpose of your copy is not only to sell your products, services, and business as a reputable organization – the copy has to address the needs of the reader. It must capture their imagination, provide the information they need, answer their questions, and use appropriate language. If your copy patronizes your customers or is too complex for them, chances are they will not be making a purchase.

Are you confident that your writing has the correct ‘voice’ for your business? Through their highly developed writing abilities and understanding of target audiences, copywriters can ensure that the tone of your marketing is appropriate to your customers and your corporate image. Of course, you can also rest assured that the copy will be grammatically correct.

When a copywriter has produced your marketing copy, you can use it over and over again. Not only as marketing material, but to aid your sales staff in identifying the benefits of your products and services. Your sales staff will also be able to use the copy to identifying the appropriate type of language and the tone for sales pitches. The copy can also be used to familiarize new staff with your products and services.

Copywriters are professional – they are trained to write for specific audiences. They know what to include, exclude, and emphasize in marketing copy. They know how to address your customers and entice them with crisp, snappy text. They do this everyday, so you can be sure that they will provide high quality copy more quickly than any non-writer you may use. By using a copywriter, you can put your time to better use performing the business tasks to which you are best suited.

Employing a copywriter is an investment, not an expense. High quality copy lets your customers see that you are professional, successful, and reliable. Good copy sells not only your products and services, but also the reputation of your business.

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