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  • 6 Laws that govern our world — and your business. Understand these and you create your own success
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  • How — and why — to determine which business you’re really in
  • What you MUST be aware of as an entrepreneur — and how to use this awareness to increase the speed at which you reach your goals
  • A rock-solid business planning process that helps you outline where you’re starting and where you’re going
  • The best way to predict the future — learn this lesson and you’ll skyrocket your profits and achievements
  • A rule of thumb for ensuring you have a competitive advantage
  • What you MUST do if you expect your employees to perform at high levels
  • Why you’re in sales — no matter what you think you do for a living
  • The first requirement for closing a sale
  • More than a dozen different closes you can use to have a customer pulling out his wallet
  • The attitudes and qualities the highest-paid salespeople have in common
  • The 7 Ps of my marketing mix — and how to use them to effectively and effortlessly market your product or service
  • Your most valuable asset (it may not be what you think it is)
  • The most precious resource you have — this determines the quality of your life
  • The key to impressing people
  • Why you MUST know all the numbers in your business, and strive to continually calculate new, updated numbers
  • 14 different methods you can use to raise money — including the first and most common one
  • Where to begin when determining your profits (it doesn’t have anything to do with how much money you have)

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